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About Jan 16

About Sulawesi Diving

Black Marlin Diving Indonesia - The Dive Resort StaffSulawesi Diving dot com is the virtual home of Black Marlin Diving in Kadidiri, a professionally run PADI and SSI dive center on a beautiful tropical island in Indonesia. Kadidiri is part of the Togean Islands in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is a remote paradise island which offers some of the best scuba diving in the world in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. We will do our best to provide you with all necessary information about Sulawesi and the Togean Islands on this website. We will tell and show you how to get to Kadidiri where Black Marlin Diving is at home. We will show you pictures and videos about our paradise island in Sulawesi, so you can see for yourself what you can expect in your next diving vacation with Black Marlin Diving.
Sunset outside the dive center - Black Marlin Diving Kadidiri Sulawesi
We will also show you images of the underwater world of Sulawesi, where you can see some real miracles of nature.The wonderful underwater life of Kadidiri Sulawesi Indonesia If you haven’t been scuba diving yet, what a better place to begin with? Black Marlin Diving offers all PADI and SSI Diving Courses from Open Water Diver to divemaster. You will get and unforgettable diving safaris in on one of the best dive spots in the world! Diving in Indonesia is different from diving in the rest of the world; it always was. First of all, everything here is more colorful and bigger than elsewhere and then there is the variety of underwater life in our waters. Have a look at our pictures of Kadidiri and Sulawesi and our underwater pictures from our dive spots in Kadidiri. Our staff will be eager to assist you with all matters.
Ghost Pipe Fish Kadidiri Sulawesi Indonesia

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About Crispin Gibbs

Crispin Gibbs Manager at Black Marlin Diving SulawesiCrispin Gibbs visited the Togean Islands the first time almost twenty years ago and quickly discovered why these pristine islands had been kept a secret for such a long time. Colorful coral reefs in crystal clear tropical water are waiting for the scuba diver. Sulawesi is simply inviting for scuba diving and to enjoy countless breath taking beautiful, untouched islands, with nothing but coconut palm trees and white sandy beaches; who could resist?
In the beginning of 1999, Crispin realized his dream and opened Black Marlin Dive Center, a professional western run dive school which offers quality diving courses and diving safaris plus an excellent service for diving in a relaxed and fun environment. Crispin runs the dive center with his beloved wife Lala.

Welcome to Sulawesi Jan 16

Diving in Sulawesi Indonesia – Tomini Bay

Beautiful Beach on Kadidiri Togean Islands, Sulawesi IndonesiaOff the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia lays an archipelago composed of 56 pristine islands and islets. Situated in the Gulf of Tomini you find the Togean, or Togian Islands. The islands in the center of Tomini Bay, offer a yet undiscovered tropical paradise, ideal for relaxing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Tomini Bay is known to be the calmest bay on earth! The three largest islands of Tomini Bay are Batudaka, Togian, and Talatakoh. There are only 37 villages on all the islands in the bay. If you are planing to go diving in Indonesia and especially in Sulawesi, this is a great place to start scuba diving. If you don’t want to dive, at least snorkeling, should absolutely be on the top of your “to do list” in Sulawesi!

Scuba Diving and Diving Courses

Diving Courses Indonesia Open Water Diver CourseIn the north of Pulau Batudaka you find on of the smaller islands, Kadidiri. This is where you find the dive center of Black Marlin Diving. Check out the way description and the map of Sulawesi here. A small, western run dive school, with professional diving instructors, dive guides and divemasters. If you haven’t been trying scuba diving yet, it’s time to get wet now! And what better place to become a certified scuba diver than in Kadidiri? The colorful underwater world of Sulawesi will immediately catch your attention. Colorful tropical fish on even more colorful coral reefs. Spanish dancers and nudy branches, ghost pipe fish and tiny seahorses, sharks and dolphins; Sulawesi has it all. And on top of that you get to see some amazing beaches in a tropical paradise what others only dream of! If you consider to start a professional diving career in Indonesia, you can be helped too! Black Marlin Diving offers all PADI and SSI diving courses from Open Water Diver to Divemaster.


Bedroom at Black Marlin Diving SulawesiBlack Marlin Diving also offers most comfortable accommodation on Kadidiri. The dive resort accommodates divers and non divers alike in 15 exclusive and stylish bungalows just a few steps from the ocean. A mosquito net is mounted on every bed. A hammock is available on the terrace where you can hang out in the evening, relax and enjoy the panoramic sunset view with a cool drink in your hand. All rooms and bungalows are clean and equipped with western style toilets. Please keep in mind that Kadidiri is a remote island, away from big towns and cities, so shopping possibilities are limited. Everything used on Kadidiri, including water, has to be carried to the island by boat. Please have a look at our Eco Efforts where we try to keep our environment intact and be careful with the use of natural resources. Please contact us for reservations or if you have any questions about Sulawesi, Kadidiri or Black Marlin Diving.


Pool Table at Black Marlin Dive Resort IndonesiaBlack Marlin Diving also facilitates an “Ocean Cafe” with a Pool Table as well as a restaurant, serving western and local food. Enjoy a cool beer or a cocktail at the “Western Bar” and talk about your latest diving adventures. Your valuable belongings can be deposited at the reception where you find a safety box. The electricity at the resort is limited to 14 hrs a day from 10am to 12pm. If you need to make phone calls from Kadidiri on your own mobile phone or you need internet connection, you can buy a SIM card for either Indosat systems, Mentari or iM3. Credits are available at the reception of Black Marlin Diving or you can buy credits (pulsa) on the mainland.