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View some amazing pictures of Black Marlin Diving in Kadidiri, Sulawesi – Indonesia. Come and enjoy scuba diving in Indonesia in a small family like dive resort on a remote island in Sulawesi.

Sulawesi Diving - Black Marlin Diving Kadidiri

View Pictures of one of the most beautiful dive centers in the world! Black Marlin diving is located in the calmest bay of the world, in Tomini Bay. The tiny island Kadidiri is home of black Marlin Diving.

Jelly Fish Lake

The red jellyfish lake in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is most famous for its very colorful but sting-less jelly fish.

Una Una Trips

Join us on one of our fantastic dive trips to Una Una island! Our dive boa5t is equipped with 200 hp and will bring you to any dive site without delay!

VVIP Accommodation

Have a look at the latest photos of our new V-VIP Bungalows accommodation in Kaddidiri at Black Marlin Diving in Sulawesi .

Eco Reef in Kaddidiri

Pictures of the artificial reef building which helps the environment to better recover from pat coral bleaches. Black Marlin Diving in Indonesia opened a volunteer project to add a new reef to a former dead area.

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