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Map of Tomini Bay, Sulawesi – Indonesia

At the map of Sulawesi below, you can easily spot Black Marlin Diving in the middle of Tomini Bay. The dive center is located just opposite of the volcano island Una Una. The quiet bay of Tomini offers fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling. The only way to get to Kadidiri Island is by boat; there is no airport on the island itself.
 Map of Sulawesi Indonesia - Tomini Bay - Click to Enlarge
From Manado.

Take a bus from Manado to Gorontalo and one of the ferry boats from there.

From Palu:

Minibuses are the cheapest way to get to Ampana from Palu. In Ampana you can either choose to take a speed boat or the daily ferryboat, leaving in the morning to the Togian islands. The minibus cost only 10€

From Gorontalo:

Ferry Boat from Gorontalo to the Togean Islands-Sulawesi Indonesia

The KM Puspita departs from Gorontalo to the Togian Islands once a week. The Puspita leaves at 9pm and arrives the following morning at about 9am. The KM Tuna Tomini departs also once a week from Gorontalo to the Togian islands. The boat leaves at Friday evening 8pm and arrives 12 hours later, early in the morning. The more comfortable ferry boat offers AC cabins and reclining seats in the air conditioned VIP class.

From Marisa:

A new ferry is scheduled in 2011 from Marisa to Dolong, Wakai, Ampana and Poso once a week. We will let you know as soon as the new ferryboat schedules are posted. Another and much faster way to get to Kadidiri is the speedboat service from Marisa directly to Kadidiri. The price for the speedboat is 250€ for a max. number of 6 people. The journey takes only three hours. Not included in the speedboat price is the transport to and from Marisa.

From Bunta:

Charter services and charter cars are available from Bunta to Kadidiri. It takes only 2 hours to get to the isalnd and the price is 165€.

From Pagimana:

There is a ferry from Gorontalo to Pagimana every other night. From there to Bunta or Ampana you can take one of the car services in Pagimana

From Ampana:

A speed boat service is available in Ampana. The boat will bring you to Kadidiri in about 11/2 hours. The charter price for the speed boat is 210€ There is also a daily ferry boat service from Ampana to the Togean islands, leaving in the morning at 10am. There are also many local buses during the day and charter cars are available at a price of around 75€.

From Makassar:

Makassar South Sulawesi Indonesia

If you don’t want to fly from Makassar to Luwuk and take a bus or charter car to Bunta, you can also take the bus. It’s much cheaper but the journey will take a full 24 hours. Although well spent 24 hours, traveling through the larger part of Sulawesi, it is strenuous and you will be tired upon your arrival in Ampana or Bunta.


There is always the quicker way of flying and there are many airports in Sulawesi. You can fly from Manado to Luwuk if you’re coming from up north, and from Makassar to Luwuk coming from the south. There are also daily flights from Manado to Gorontalo, from where you can take one of the ferry boats to the Togian Islands. The boats leave at 8 and 9 pm every night.

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